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Review: Pizza Hut Tuscan Pastas

Review: Pizza Hut Tuscan Pastas

Review: Pizza Hut Tuscan Pastas

Review: Pizza Hut Tuscan Pastas

Looks like Arby wants to throw her 10-gallon hat into a fast-food chain.  According to Arby’s, Manhattan’s new flagship headquarters will open on the 10th. December, will be the first and only place to offer an exclusive breakfast menu.

Review: Pizza Hut Tuscan Pastas

Arby’s Breakfast Slide

There will be four different categories in the menu: Breakfast biscuits, High quality biscuits, Breakfast biscuits, and Breakfast biscuits. Egg, cheese, meat and scone rolls can also be pressed into toast or hash rolls.  Based on the advertising photos, I look at the Premium Biscuits category.  This is what we know so far:

Arby’s Breakfast menu

  • Biscuits for beef breast
  • Denver Ham and Cheese
  • Ham and cheese from the southwest
  • Cornedbeef and Swiss
  • Steak and Swiss steak
  • The local coffee shop of the Brooklyn Roasting Company will also be available at this location.

Review: Pizza Hut Tuscan PastasReview: Pizza Hut Tuscan Pastas

Above, promotional photos of Breakfast (left) and Premium Biscuits (right).

In recent years, the world of fast food has become the final frontier.  Almost every major fast food company is now involved, and the elbows break on your breakfast number.  Taco Bell seems to have had the most success among the stragglers, but it will be interesting to see if Arby can make some noise.  Breakfast got so hot that McDonald’s decided to serve it all day.

Based on some of Arby’s last sandwiches (we were big fans of some of them), I can’t wait to give Arby’s breakfast a chance.  I’m sure this menu will be extended to other places in 2016.

Both prices and by-products are currently unknown.  You can cook or have breakfast.  I think Arby is good at trading by-products.  In the past they had a creative/inventive side and hopefully bring a bit of fun to breakfast.  This week we’re going to New York to visit that showcase. So we’ll definitely get more information bit by bit.



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