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Review of the Bomb Hot Sauce

Review of the Bomb Hot Sauce

Review of the Bomb Hot Sauce

About the bomb Yes, beyond madness

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce is a notorious player in the world of hot sauce. He’s been in the Hot Ones rankings for a long time, currently ranked 8th. Honestly, the Hot Ones wouldn’t be so good in the show without Da Bomba. It always scares the guests, so of course we had to see how it was.

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Yeah, Bomba comes to us from a seemingly small Kansas City store called Spicin Foods. We don’t know how such a small producer can make so many people suffer, but it does.

In this article we talk about Da Bomb spicy sauce. I hope you appreciate the results of our pain.

Heat: 5/5One of the sharpest.

Perfume: 1/5An acidic, almost chemical flavour.

Value: 3/5Not very expensive for 4 ounces The bottle lasts forever

Total valuation: 2/5The demonstration partis largely unusable.

Da Bomb Hot Sauce, okay?

Despite some negative comments we have seen on the internet about this sauce, it is not a bad thing. This sauce, for example, would make an excellent to repel tame bears. You can also use it to take revenge on your worst enemy and make him a crazy hot salsa. Besides, I don’t think this sauce will play a role in any big recipes.

How to use it…

  • If you like the Sick Power , it works for almost anything!
  • Try a drop in a large pot of chili or soup.
  • Use it to do a trick with your friends or challenge yourself with hot sauce.
  • Use it for disgust therapy.

Da Bomb smells crazy. It has a very peppery smell with hints of citrus fruit. But then there’s good taste. Once it hits you in the mouth, the heat of the fire hits you hard. The taste is hot and strange, with too much citrus and too little pepper. What pepper taste gives , although it has a strange taste, probably due to the use of a peppercorn extract or a natural peppercorn taste.

Review of the Bomb Hot Sauce

Yeah, the ingredients of the insanity bomb

Although there is nothing special about the taste, that is not really the point of this sauce. It has to be a joke, a challenge or a joke that friends can play. It’s not so hot that you’re afraid to die, but you’re still sweating, and that’s the problem.

Yes Scoville and Spice Madness Bomb

Yeah, Bomba turned out to be one of the hottest sauces. This thing hits us harder than most of what we’ve tried, with a long burn. It’s a kind point of this sauce – let’s go to a reaction. We have seen a lot of reactions from celebrities who tried to blow up a thickly coated Da Bomba wing.

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The fact that the Da bomb has 135,600 SHU on the Scoville scale is more than insane. However, we believe that experience gives a much sharper impression of than some sauces of 1M SHU or higher. Simply put, it’s one of the hottest sauces we’ve ever seen. The spiciness comes more from the extract of the chili than from the real super chili, but it’s still quite shocking to try.

peak: Don’t eat too much hot sauce. A little smear is a lot to feel the heat. If you want to suffer, make an effort, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Where to buy Yes Hot Sauce

Da Bomb is available online in a number of stores, including Amazon and ebay. We recommend you use one of these sources, but don’t forget to buy at the lowest price. We’ve seen prices for Da Bomb Hot Sauce from $10 to $18 on severalsites, so do your research to get the best price.

Yes Hot sauce bomb Sequence

Yeah, the bomb’s definitely on the thicker side. That’s good, because you probably won’t want much. One or two drops are enough to lift a stew, and a small drop is enough to taste.

Review of the Bomb Hot Sauce

Is the bomb worth it?

Look, we know it’s not a brilliant magazine. We prefer many other sauces over Da Bomba. However, we understand its true purpose. We now know why people react to heat like that, and we feel their pain.

If you’re a little crazy, hit yes on a pack of chicken wings and have an interesting night (and morning) with friends. Cheers!

Review of the Bomb Hot Sauce

Get your own bottle at Amazon.

Review of the Bomb Hot Sauce

Review of the Bomb Hot Sauce


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