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Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

The hot sauce of the Gringo Bandito comes from Dexter Holland, singer of the platinum-selling punk rock band The Offspring. Like so many sauces, the Gringo Bandito started out as a small hobby for Dexter. His true love for spicy sauce and Mexican cuisine inspired him to create his own sauce to share with friends and family. People liked it. After tasting the Gringo Bandito you will understand why this exciting project has grown so much. They are currently one of the best-selling sauces in the Amazon and have sold more than a million bottles in the United States.

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We had the pleasure of tasting four different sauces of the Gringo Bandito brand. Although they are all delicious in their own way, our favorite was the gringo-bandito green sauce. Second place is taken by her latest fragrance, Spicy Yellow.

The perfumes Gringo Banditoare also available at Amazon. We recommend to pick up a bag withvarieties!

Heat: 3/5It has a delicious punch, but it doesn’t look that hot in the sun.

Perfume: 4/5Really tasty and delicious. We love the balance between herbs and flavour.

Value: 5/5An enormous value for this fragrant sauce, with a certain novelty.

Total valuation: 4/5This is one of the sauces you will provide regularly.

Rating of Gringo Bandito Green Sauce

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

Disclaimer: These sauces were given to Gringo Bandito Pepper Geek for our honest evaluation. All thoughts and opinions are ours

The green sauce of the gringo bandito is much hotter than the original red sauce. The taste of pepper is rich thanks to the excellent balance between vinegar and spices. It’s not too sweet, not too salty, not too spicy. You will notice that this sauce is very versatile.


  • Perfect balance between savory pepper and spicy vinegar.
  • It has a fresh mojo scent that goes very well with seafood.
  • No spice runs over the sauce.

How to use it…

  • Add it to tacos (very good on fish tacos)
  • Season with quesadilla, nachos or burritos.
  • Experimenting with herbs in fish dishes
  • Grease a slice of pizza or eggs in the morning.
  • Use it to make unique Ioli.

One whiff of this sauce and you sail to a taco stand on the beach in Southern California. He really smells as good as he tastes. Dexter, we officially ask you to make a candle out of green sauce so we can survive the winter.

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

Ingredients of the green sauce Jingo Bandito

We are used to the sweetest green sauces in our collection, but this one surprised us. A strong taste, low sodium content and acceptable spiciness are a successful combination.

Gringo Bandito Scoville and Spice

We don’t know Scoville’s exact score for this sauce. If we had to make an educated guess, we would say on that Gringo Bandito green sauce was found at about 15.000-20.0000 SHU. At 12,200 SHU it is hotter than Habanero Heartbeat Sauce, but not as hot as Los Calientes, which is at 36,000 SHU. However, we are not attracted to this sauce because of the heat. The reason we love this sauce is its unique, addictive taste, which makes it so versatile for different foods.

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Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

Where to buy Gringo Bandito hot sauce

The Gringo Bandito is sold in several grocery stores, so be sure to walk down the aisle with hot sauce next time. You can also buy Greengo Bandito in several online stores, including Amazon and the Greengo Bandito website.

Gringo-Bandito hot sauce sequence

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

All gringo-banditosauces are thin enough to be easily poured out of the bottle. If you’re not careful, you might make the food too salty, but we haven’t complained about that. The sauce is also fine enough to blend easily into the recipe.

Other perfumes Gringo-Bandito

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce family

Gringo Bandito Original – Great if you are looking for a sweeter sauce for everyday use. If you’re a Cholula or Tapatio fan, this will win your heart. You’re not a fan of unusually sharp objects? Start with this.

Gringo Bandito Super Hot – Scorpio and ghost peppers increase the heat A stronger taste and spiciness if you are looking for it.

Gringo Bandito Spicy Yellow – One of the newest sauces in the Gringo Bandito collection. We love the smell of . The scotch and pepper in the hood and the habanero give it a nice colour and a delicious punch.

Overall, the gringo-banditosauces are excellent. Not only are they incredibly versatile and fragrant, they are also affordable and new. These sauces are a perfect gift for all fans of The Offspring or spicy food. So take the bottle and get ready for a serious party in your mouth. Give it to me, baby!

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce is the best friend of Tacos

Crystalyn loves spicy food and creativity in the kitchen. If she can’t find new ways to use hot sauce, she is very busy watching videos of her online chat.



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