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Frank’s RedHot Sauce – the way Buffalo was born

Frank’s RedHot Sauce – the way Buffalo was born

Frank’s RedHot Sauce – the way Buffalo was born

Frank’s RedHot Cayenne pepper sauce has become a must in many regions. The Northeastern American market likes Francs, and according to their announcements, even grandma is betting this $#*t on everything.

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Sauces based on vinegar are very good for several reasons. In the first place, they are extremely useful. Like Grandma says, everything’s fine. It’s also very cheap, so you can buy Frank’s in a one-gallon container for $12 at Amazon. But there’s more to this spicy sauce than its affordability and versatility.

In this article we give a complete overview of Frank’s RedHot sauce, covering its history, spiciness, flavours, recipes and some other sauces available.

Jumping forward:

  • Who’s Frank?
  • Materials and performance
  • Frank Scoville Note
  • Frank replaces
  • Create your own Frank.
  • Other Frank Flavours
  • RedHot Frank Recipes

Who’s Frank?

At the end of 1800 Jacob Frank founded the Frank Tea & Spice Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Frank’s original recipe for cayenne pepper was born in 1918 through a collaboration between Frank and the Estilett Pepper Farm. Frank’s first bottle came on the market in 1920 from the Louisiana factory. As a reminder of this history, every glass bottle bears FRANK’s inscription from the 1920s, and the original recipe has remained unchanged ever since.

RedHot Frank is a secret ingredient that was used in 1964 in Buffalo, New York to make the first Buffalo Wings.

I mean, if it weren’t for the buffalo wings and Frank’s dishes, they probably wouldn’t have come out. Let’s take this moment to thank Mr. Jacob Frank for making buffalo chicken sauce and buffalo macaroni and cheese for real.

Ingredients and RedHot Frank Food Sauce

What made Frank so iconic and legendary? The list of ingredients is of course complex and hidden, isn’t it?

Frank’s RedHot Sauce – the way Buffalo was born

No! The original RedHot Frank uses only 5 simple ingredients:

  • Old Cayenne pepper
  • Vinegar, distilled
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Garlic powder

However, the ingredients alone don’t tell the whole story. Cayenne pepper is matured to an unknown length, which certainly gives the pepper its characteristic taste. Cayenne pepper makes up about 35% of the recipe, a good amount considering the price of this sauce. Distilled vinegar generally gives hot sauces a sharp zipper without changing the sauce. Water is most likely to be used to give the sauce the desired fine, quick-drying consistency without using too much vinegar. Salt (at about 3.5%) helps to reveal the overall flavour, and garlic is the perfect complement to a hot and spicy sauce.

Frank’s offers the perfect self-proclaimed combination of taste and warmth, and for everyday use we think it’s true. It tastes like almost anything and we consider it one of the best hot egg sauces in the morning.

Is Frank RedHot Sauce healthy?

Since Frank’s hot sauce is commercially available, it can be assumed to have been pasteurised (heated to at least 165 degrees F). As a result, the health benefits of fresh food are cancelled out by the breakdown of vitamins and phytonutrients. In addition, the sauce has a relatively high sodium content, with an approximate sodium content of 3-4% (190 mg/tsp [8% DV per teaspoon]). This means that you want to check your salt intake in large quantities.

Frank, however, is generally not used in large quantities. It should be used primarily as a food additive to supplement and enhance flavour. Suffice it to say that you probably shouldn’t drink Frank’s RedHot straight from the spoon (although some say it’s a pleasure), especially if you have high blood pressure.

Frank reviews RedHot Scoville

Frank is not at all the hottest sauce on the market (we tried some very hot sauces), but it still tickles the taste buds. Herbs strike quickly, but they shrink just as quickly, making them very versatile.

Simply put: Frank RedHot Sauce has a Scoville rating of approximately 450 SHU, while XTRA Hot has a rating of approximately 2000 SHU. Frank is therefore in an ideal range for everyday dishes. If you are looking for an extra hot sauce, it might not be the best option in the supermarket. But if you want a balance between taste and yield, that’s what Frank needs.

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Frank’s RedHot Sauce – the way Buffalo was born

Frank’s RedHot Sauce – the way Buffalo was born

Frank RedHot Sauce substitute

Although there are many hot sauces made with vinegar, few have the same distinctive taste as Frank’s sauces. However, if you need a replacement for RedHot Frank, here are some alternatives that should help. Or, if you have the necessary ingredients, try making a replacement yourself.

Louisiana Perfect Hot Sauce

This sauce is not available in every supermarket, but if you can find it, it’s a good substitute for Frank. Louisiana Perfect hot sauce with 3 ingredients. Ripe pepper, vinegar and salt. If you like, you can sprinkle garlic powder over it to get a little closer to the original RedHot recipe.

Cholula Hot Sauce Original

Cholula is another excellent sauce that is available in many grocery stores and goes with everything. This sauce is a little hotter than Frank’s and will cheer you up a bit. If you’ve got something in the fridge, it’ll serve as a replacement for Frank in case of an emergency.

Texas Pete Hot Sauce

In the southeastern United States, Texas Pete is another simple and popular hot sauce. Extremely affordable and full of spicy flavor, this sauce will certainly work if you need an alternative.

Make your own replacement for Frank Red Hot

You’re in a difficult situation and you have to make a homemade hot sauce? It’s no problem. Here’s a quick recipe that’s close to Frank’s taste and made with household ingredients.


  • 20 fresh peppers (Fresnose, Cayenne or Halapenos work).
  • 1.5 cups of white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon


Step 1: Peel the peppers and slice the stems. Remove the seeds to reduce the heat (try pepper for spiciness). Cut the peppers into large slices and place them in the large pot.

Step 2: Add all other ingredients and bring to the boil. Calm down for 15-20 minutes. The pepper must be soft and smooth.

Note : Sweet vinegar and hot chili pepper cause discomfort in your kitchen. Open the window, if possible!

Step 3: Take him off the fire and let him cool for 10 minutes. Place the product in the blender and mix to a homogeneous mass.

As long as it doesn’t taste exactly like Frank, this spicy sauce should be the trick for making Buffalo Wings or for the recipes RedHot needs.

Other flavourings RedHot Frank Sauce

While the original sauce is generally excellent, some food categories require more specific flavors. As a result, the Frank Hot Sauce brand has expanded its presence in other culinary niches. From Latin-inspired Chili Lime Sauce to Thai-inspired Sweet Chili Sauce, Frank’s offers a wide range of unique hot sauces. Here’s a list of the current composition of Frank’s hot sauce.

  1. Chile ‘N Lime
  • Frank’s Chiles ‘N Lime Hot Sauce, launched in 2003, starts with the same ripened cayenne pepper, but adds the flavour of lime and other spices. Ideal for wings, tacos and other Latin-based recipes.
  1. Buffalo Style
  • Given that Frank’s sauce was originally spicy and inspired the very first buffalo wings in 1964, it seems appropriate that they created a sauce for buffaloes. It was introduced in 2009 and offers a direct option from a bottle of Buffalo-like sauce. We recommend making your own buffalo sauce (with real oil) if you can, but this is a much simpler alternative.
  1. Sweet pepper
  • Frank’s Sweet Chili Sauce, launched in 2010, is inspired by Thai cuisine. With a much sweeter taste, this can be the first real distraction from the original recipe, which uses peppers instead of cayenne pepper.
  1. Extra hot sauce
  • In recognition of his desire for warmer sauces, Frank XTRA provided Hot Sauce. According to Scoville’s estimate, this sauce rolls up to about 2,000 SHU, using natural aromas that are believed to be a kind of chilli extract. It preserves Frank’s original taste, only with a lot of heat.
  1. Honey and garlic with sting
  • Frank knows people like wing sauces. When the sweet and spicy taste really took off, garlic with honey was the answer. This sauce is probably furthest from the original Frank, but if you want the sweet honey wing sauce, this is the solution.

Frank-RotHot Sauce Recipes

As mentioned earlier, it was Frank’s RedHot who brought buffalo wings to the world. So it is one of the ingredients needed to produce the local bison style. Here’s a list of some of Frank’s favorite spicy sauce recipes from all over the Internet.

Cooked buffalo wings

See recipe here

Looking for something a little less dirty? Buffalo chicken sauce transforms the classic taste of chicken wings into the perfect frying sauce for the holidays. This recipe came with none other than Frank’s RedHot site, so you know it has been well tested and reviewed. But beware, if you take this sauce to Frank’s family party, they’ll be waiting for it every year!

Buffalo chicken Pizza

See recipe here

Buffalo Chicken Pizza is also a great snack for in between. It contains some of our favorite things in a clean triangular package. A large family project or a weekend dinner for everyone. This recipe comes from Delish and uses fresh dough. If you prefer to use a pre-rolled or frozen crust, this recipe will still be delicious.

Buffalo Chicken and Cheese Macaroni

See recipe here

Well, you should have an idea by now. You can put almost anything you want in there. This time it’s cheese paste, and again comes the recipe from Frank’s RedHot site. Something about that great combination of macaroni and cheese and Frank’s hot and spicy pina. Try this recipe, or just add a few dashes of Frank to your favorite pasta!

I hope you’ve learned a lot about Frank’s hot sauce. We like to study the history of hot sauces and everything related to peppers. If you have any ideas or questions, don’t hesitate to give us a hand!

Frank’s RedHot Sauce – the way Buffalo was born


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