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Dragon In The Clouds Hot Sauce

Dragon In The Clouds Hot Sauce

Dragon In The Clouds Hot Sauce

Above the dragon in the clouds

The hot sauce dragon is the invention of two Goliaths, one in the world of hot sauce and the other in the world of marketing. First We Feast has partnered with 88Rising to create a very unique and unusual hot sauce.

It comes in a small 4 oz. bottle, and that’s all you need to get the most out of this spicy sauce.

Here we present a complete overview of the dragon in the clouds, with a general taste and a PepperGeek ranking.

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Is the dragon good in the clouds?

This sauce is certainly not for the nonsense. Even people with a high tolerance for herbs can fight this sauce. A small bottle is the first sign that the heat will be intense. A look at the ingredients and your suspicion is confirmed: This sauce is very hot.


  • Intense citrus aroma beats strong (bitter orange)
  • the seeds of the pepper add a spicy, almost medicinal side.
  • Ghost pepper is ingredient number one. – I’m just saying.

Put it on…

  • Fishing
  • Add to marinades
  • Use a swab to add heat to the tamer’s recipe.

Dragon In The Clouds Hot Sauce

Dragon in the Clouds Ingredients

We’ve established that this sauce is spicy, but what about the taste? Can it be used on real food, or is it just another trick?

Well, the flavor is a strong. Many super hot sauces give you all the spiciness without taste. In the case of the dragon in the clouds the taste is strong, but it is also strange

I’m not sure what it will taste like for everyone, especially if you’re not a citrus lover. The orange is the tastiest, and in combination with Yuza the sauce almost becomes an orange concentrate to which super hot peppers are added. The flavour of the orange is also less sweet and more bitter than that of the fruit, because it is eaten from the peel of the orange and not from the juicy inside.

I could barely taste the garlic and mustard, while the Szechuan peppercorns stunned his signature.

Simply put: The dragon in the cloud is very sharp, bitter, very orange and hard when it is associated with food typical of the cloud. That means it’s not for everyone (especially considering the price), but if it sounds like your thing, go for it.

Dragon in the Clouds Scoville and Spice

The dragon in the clouds is of course very hot, among the hottest sauces we examined under. Given the small size and strong taste of the bottle, it is clear that it is designed to be consumed in small quantities.

However, there is no Scoville estimate available for the sauce, but if we were to estimate it at , probably around the 1,000,000 SHU mark of. Since the main ingredient is phantom pepper, this assessment should be confirmed. It also hits the sky harder than most, with almost instantaneous burns that occur over and over again.

This Scoville score is just a score, but to keep it simple, the sauce is really spicy. If you know the phantom pepper, you know what we mean.

Dragon In The Clouds Hot Sauce

How much does the dragon cost in the clouds?

It’s not a cheap hot sauce. Especially considering the size of the bottle. However, this is a limited edition sauce that is likely to sell quickly and will soon be available for a lot of money on ebay. Ingredients are also used that are difficult to repair and probably expensive.

So the dragon in the clouds is inevitably expensive: $ $25 plus shipping of for 4 oz hot sauce. The total cost of our bottle was about $31. It is an interesting price for a small amount of sauce, although it offers a new exotic flavor. You will also get a fairly unique packaging and presentation. But in the end, all you care about is what’s in the sauce and whether it really costs more than $30.

Dragon in the Cloud Order

Our Dragon in the Cloud Bottle was relatively thin and could easily be poured with a small spout. However, after seeing another sauce review on YouTube, it seemed much thicker than ours. It is possible that the thickness of different batches of sauce may vary slightly.

We can only speak for the bottle we got, and ours was thin and almost worn out, making it a bit hard to reach. Due to its small size and high temperature, it has the advantage of being slightly thicker.

Is the dragon in the clouds worth it?

It was hard. We tried and found many sauces from Hot Ones, from Los Calientes to The Last Dab. We expected great things, but we had to settle for a score of 2/5 because of the high cost and the strange, bitter taste and ease of use.

Congratulations First We Feast for creating something truly unique and we will continue to try this sauce on different products in the future. Who knows, this sauce might be the perfect for… Oysters or something.

Dragon In The Clouds Hot Sauce

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