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Arby’s on Debut Breakfast Menu

Arby’s on Debut Breakfast Menu

Arby’s on Debut Breakfast Menu

About the newest Dab Reduxxx

Looking for a new bone XXX? Read our review here!

Sean Evans, owner of Hot Ones, helped build an empire. The Hot Ones YouTube shows are incredibly interesting, it’s fun to watch celebrities answering questions while eating super hot chicken wings. So, of course, the Hot Ones made hot sauces.

But are they good?

Here we’re going to look at one of the hottest sauces Hot Ones makes: Last Reduxxx buffer.


9.5/10 (VERY HOT!)


  • Dangerously tasty, the pronounced aroma of caraway with a hint of ginger and a hint of mustard.
  • A strong taste means that a small amount gives you the desired taste without killing your taste buds.

Put him on… 1Б9

  • Pizza
  • Grilled chicken or pork
  • Wing piano
  • Rice dishes (Asian dishes)

Is the last Dub Redux good?

Yeah! This is one of our favourites (in small doses). That’s because it’s one of the few super spicy hot sauces that actually uses of.

The power of taste makes them so applicable that the same cannot normally be said of super spicy sauces. If you look at Hot Ones, in some episodes you see people complaining about Da Bomba’s spicy sauce. That’s because the sauce is just too hot, it doesn’t taste good enough.

Arby’s on Debut Breakfast Menu

This is not the case with the last sample. Caraway and ginger complement the X pepper very well. It is different from most other spicy sauces, but it quickly became the first choice when it came to choosing the spicy sauce. The simple aroma of the sauce now provides immediate salivation in preparation for intense heat and aroma.

If you are an addict like us, this sauce is suitable for many different dishes. Our favorite was the pizza base and all the other poultry. With a small stamp you get a good picture with a tasteful touch.

peak: Try it the first time. You will certainly taste the sauce, even on a meal that has already been seasoned.

Reduxx Scoville Last Key and Sharpness

It’s really really high. However, the taste is not overwhelming. The Last Dab Reduxxx rating on the Scoville scale is 2,000,000 SHU or higher. This is due to X peppers, most of thesauce, measured in more than 3 million HU.

See our review of the brand new Last Dab XXX hot sauce here.

Hot people know what they do when they smoke hot sauces. If the spicy sauce is very hot, the taste should be the same as that of the fireworks. Otherwise, this whole show is pointless. The taste of Last Dab’s Reduxx sauce is incredibly strong to cope with the high temperature. This means that if you like the taste (and we really like it), you can put small dots of on your food to get a complete taste profile.

I would like to say that the feeling of eating this spicy sauce is not quite the same as eating 2 million scovies unless you prepare it from scratch. The heat takes hold of you, and without a little milk in standby mode, you risk wrestling with intense spices.

But what if you accidentally add large swabs ? It would be better if you had a heaven (and a stomach) of steel! Read here about our best medicine for the acute oral area.

How much does the newest Reduxxx depots cost?

At the moment the Last Dab Reduxxx -sauce costs $20. It may seem high, but we’ve had the bottle for over 6 months and it’s not even half empty yet. As we said, there is still a long way to go, both for the heat and the taste.

Unfortunately the Heatonist is often sold with the best Hot Ones sauces (check the availability of the Heatonist). When The Last Dab Reduxxx is sold, Hot Ones also makes a very similar sauce known as The Last Dab Carolina Reaper Edition (see Heatonist). The recipe is almost identical: The X pepper has been replaced by Caroline Riper (another ominous pepper).

Last key ReduxxxConsistency

This may be a strange subject, but it’s worth mentioning. This spicy sauce is very thick, almost thick. That’s why it can be difficult to get them out of the bottle, which can be a bit annoying. But it is probably the best solution, because if it spreads quickly, you could get into trouble 😉

Is the latest Dab Reduxxx worth it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re really glad we have this hot sauce in the fridge. It works all year round with at least when used regularly, the taste is unique and the heat is addictive!

Get your own bottle on Chitonics.

Arby’s on Debut Breakfast Menu

Arby’s on Debut Breakfast Menu

Arby’s on Debut Breakfast Menu


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